You Don't Want Bullshit information !?

Updated: Apr 10

After Being a active Advocate since early 2017 I have seen a pattern of behaviour among "Stoner groups " Online and Around the world. So I'm going to call it for what it actually is "Bullshit information " Cannabis has Dangers to say it has none is as insane as most of the people who say it's Totally safe

Let's be clear your not going to die from smoking or ingesting High THC Cannabis but there always a risk of becoming dependent on it. Just like any substance it should be used in moderation and With Care Thousands Of young Australians and older have admitted to Haveing a Issue with cannabis reports of The "Need to smoke before and after daily activities " and users Admitting its not easy to Simply stop useing, as dependence has grown over time .

Unless medically appropriate for you. You shouldn't smoke High THC cannabis All day everyday especially if you have underlined mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. Yes it can Help . But it's not a cure for mental health conditions and shouldn't be treated as a cure for a mental health problem insome cases it can aggregate your conditions further.

Always talk to your doctor regarding treatment for any conditions and Never Self diagnose.

If you or someone you know if having a issue with Addiction to Cannabis please Reach out I can provide you with information on where to get help and Assistance. It's Nothing to be ashamed of 🙏🇦🇺🍀

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