All corners of Australia

Updated: Apr 10

All corners of Australia

From 2018 till the present day, I hear from Australians from all corners of Australia from The Northern Territory-New south Wales- Western Australia- Queensland- Tasmania and the ACT

People have contacted or reached out with there personal experience On and off Cannabis as a alternative to Other medications. I don't think there isn't a condition i haven't herd that cannabis or CBD has helped ease if not dramatically improve. But it's important to understand its not a cure for Eveything. But is definitely in my personal experience a effective way to treat many conditions a natural None toxic way. No nasty side affects or Psychoactive Effects come from Full spectrum Hemp CBD oil . And should legal and sold across Australia and in Australian products "Under regulation " That Products be Lab tested to ensure its Safe to consume like any other product

And meets an industry Standard guideline / Guidelines

But this is my opinion, what's yours?

Feel free to send me a message by contacting me online or by email 📧

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